Sacred Leaves Botanicals

Sacred Leaves Botanicals, Inc.was founded in 2010 and is dedicated to promoting the benefits of natural and organic herbal and personal care products. We are committed to promoting natural safe herbal and personal care products that are good for you and our shared environment.

With that in mind, we carefully source each of our ingredients to insure, purity, potency and safety. Our commitment to quality begins with the botanicals and other ingredients that we use to produce our products. We only use ingredients from supply partners who share a similar commitment to quality and integrity. Whenever possible we only use plant materials that are wildcrafted or organically cultivated.

Each of our suppliers must adhere to rigorous quality standards that insures that the ingredients we source are not only of high quality but free from harmful chemicals such as sulfurs and heavy metals.

When producing our personal care products such as facial cleansers and body washes, we refuse to use potentially dangerous chemicals such as Parabens and Sulfates. We strongly adhere to the philosophy that it is possible to produce high quality, safe and affordable personal care products without chemical adulteration.

We place our commitment and integrity in every product we make for you.
We thank you for choosing Sacred Leaves Botanicals!

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